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Our vision is for decentralised technology solutions which break the cycle of efficiency, practicality, environmental and convenience compromises made with many large scale alternative solutions. By keeping solutions small and at the community scale we minimise deployment risk, and maximise efficiencies which delivers real benefit to those implementing such technologies.


During our work our team is a fertile ground for new ideas, but in order for us to select technologies for development, we analyse closely the current market "state of the art", and develop only those ideas where there is a demonstrable competitive advantage over more traditional techniques. Our first product ranges demonstrate these principles, and are positioned in markets of industrial waste water and drinking water, both of which have substantial market opportunities behind them.

The Importance of Physical Principles

Our solutions are characterised by the use of physical principles, so what are they and why are they important?

Most water treatment solutions rely on the use of membranes and filters to remove or absorb impurities and contaminants in water sources. In theory these systems work well, but in practice filters and membranes are very sensitive to the kind of water they receive, and can quickly become fouled with contaminants. Membrane technologies in particular separate the waste contaminants from pure water, but then create a concentrated and still problematic waste stream to handle. Disinfection of water and the removal of harmful organisms is commonly achieved by the addition of chemicals such as chlorine which are hazardous materials, and leave residues in the water which (in terms of drinking water) add an unpleasant taste.

In our technologies it is our objective to break the dependence on these traditional approaches. By subjecting the water to intense physical forces such as in our hydro cyclone and cavitator we create beneficial and synergistic effects in the water which include:

  • Deep Oxidation of organic contaminants - destroying them rather than concentrating them;

  • Conversion of soluable substances to an insoluable state

  • Disinfection (with the additional application of a special long life UV lamp)

The application of these principles has been proven to produce output water quality which is suitable for a variety of uses, including discharge and/or drinking water where appropriate.

Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Industries create many different kinds of waste water streams and many of these are too hazardous to dispose in conventional sewer systems, leaving industrial operators with an an inconvenient and expensive problem - a problem which is usually solved by the tankering of such waste water offsite at great economic and environmental expense.

AcquaNovus technologies can address this headache but offering convenient and cost effective solutions which allow such water to be treated at source and then disposed either directly to a watercourse or to the public sewer.

AcquaNovus Technologies offer solutions to Waste Water Problems which have not before been possible........

AcquaNovus offers two distinct solutions for Industrial Waste Water treatment:

  • SuperOxidation: A water treatment system designed to remove organic contaminants from water from a biological origin including landfill leachates, wastewater from AD plants and food manufacturing industries. This technology uses the concept of cavitation and ozone to create a powerful oxidising effect for the rapid and convenient treatment of waste water on a continuous flow basis.

  • UltraOxidation: A treatment system specifically designed to remove persistent organic contaminants from waste water sources including pesticides and pharmaceutical residues. This technology is based on the concept of electrical plasma discharge and uses a unique pre-treatment and plasma discharge reactor to create the most powerful oxidising environment possible with sufficient power to crack and oxidise the most persistent organic compounds such as pesticides, synthetic chemicals from the manufacturing and textile industries, pharmaceuticals etc. Conventional waste water treatment systems cannot handle these compounds and as such they typically accumulate in the environment, often with harmful health effects for marine, mammal and human life.

These systems operate on a multi-stage basis with the individual steps designed to meet the specific requirements of the application. Both systems are characterised by their affordable investment costs, ease of operation, low operating costs and in particular low energy consumption.

Drinking Water for Private and Remote Water Supplies

Currently available techniques for treatment of surface drinking water supplies present several challenges which compromise their application, these challenges are fouled membranes, short life filters, high energy consumption and user inconvenience.


The AcquaNovus team, proposes a new and novel approach to the challenge of removing organic contaminants from surface water sources, a solution which creates the best possible quality of drinking water. Our approach relies predominantly on physical principles, and the promotion of oxidation of organic contaminants. In this work we have access to a suite of physical processes which include cavitation (ultra aeration), hydro-cyclone (for filtration/aeration) and the barrier discharge and associated oxidation and disinfection effect of an excimer UV lamp. When used in combination, these technologies have a powerful purification effect on water supplies - meeting high customer expectations on colour and taste, without the drawbacks of current technologies